Like a stone

I remember when I first came across the tenet “All that you touch you change. All that you change, changes you. The only lasting truth is change. God is change.”–I  was temporarily paralyzed by its puzzling and almost cryptic nature. I tried counting the ‘feet’ in order to peg it as a certain type of poem, and I tried reading it as a riddle, but the more I thought about it the more transparent it became and the clearer it was to me.  This is definitely one of my favorite Earthseed tenets, because it mirrors the cyclical nature of life, which is the cornerstone for many African derived religions and also my personal worldview. If I had a tenet it would go a little something like this:” I am a catalyst for. An instrument intent on. And a proponent of change.’ For me this three-fold interaction with change is very much the same as Earthseed. But in my worldview change has less of a religious connotation, because to me Truth is equal to the never-ending quest for knowledge. In this tenet I see my myself like the stone cast into a pool, sending countless concentric circles, rippling through the once unmoved waters. Here is my personal translation of the tenet:

“All that you touch you change.”-As a catalyst for change, it is my duty to be the stone in a stagnant pool of thought–causing ripples of change.

“All that you change, changes you.”-As an instrument intent on change, there will be times that, like the tossed pebble, I will be displaced from my ‘comforts’ in order to enact change. And like the stone as it meets the pool, I understand that I will also meet change.

“The only lasting truth is change.”-As a proponent of change, I will never deny that change is the only one inevitable and unavoidable truth of the universe. Like the stone meeting resistance on the moment of impact into the pool, I am not immune to resisting change. And as the stone must penetrate the stagnant water, I must be steadfast in my belief in the “lasting truth” that is change.

At the end of the day if God is The Truth, and The only Truth is change, then by all of the powers of deductive reasoning= God is change.



2 thoughts on “Like a stone

  1. You’re such an English major! 🙂 I like your logical approach to this–it makes perfect sense to me. I love that you describe change as your duty. I think if we remain the same, we’re doing a disservice to ourselves and to the world. Granted, not all change is necessarily positive, but through change, both good and bad comes positive things, and new leaders emerge.

  2. I really just wanted so speak on the tenet you made. It makes a lot of sense and I can really see it being part of Earthseed. Also the tenet you chose I really did like as well because I agree is shows that God i the only everlasting truth in the world.

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