Approaches to Teaching the Works of Octavia E. Butler

The OEB Literary Society would like to congratulate Dr. Tarshia L. Stanley and the incredible contributors who have crafted a collection of essays on teaching Butler in various disciplines. Available from Modern Language Association Press.

From the MLA website:

Octavia E. Butler’s works of science fiction invite readers to consider the structures of power in society and to ask what it means to be human. Butler addresses social justice issues such as poverty, racism, and violence against women and connects the history of slavery in the United States with speculation on a biologically altered future world.

The first section of this volume, “Materials,” lists secondary sources and interviews with Butler and suggests texts that instructors might pair with her works. Essays in the second section, “Approaches,” situate Butler in science fiction, modernism, and Afrofuturism and provide interdisciplinary approaches from political science, philosophy, art, and digital humanities. The contributors present strategies for teaching Butler in literature courses as well as courses designed for adult learners, preservice teachers, and students at historically black colleges and universities.





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