Society Memberships

Membership levels vary. We encourage joining at the lifetime membership level during it’s introductory pricing. You may also make a donation to the OEB Book Scholarship fund. Join on line below or mail your check or money order to:

OEB Society/Tarshia Stanley

2004 Randolf Ave Mail #4026

St. Paul, MN 55105



Professional/Earthseed  ($30)       

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Independent/Wild Seed ($20)     

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Student/Fledgling ($10)              

 Buy Now Button with Credit Cards



Lifetime/Xenogenesis ($200)        

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OEB Book Scholarship 


7 thoughts on “Society Memberships

  1. Would you please provide descriptions of the benefits available at various members levels? I am very interested in jointing. Thanks very much.

    1. Not sure whether I’m a valid member or not.  Sent a check to Greg which came back addressee unknown.  Readdressed and sent again, but no acknowledgement.  Will check statement.  Meanwhile, Wassup??  Rhoda Miller Martin


      1. Hi India, I am sorry to get back to you so late. Right now as a new society we are gathering members and planning our first conference and developing a newsletter. Members of OEB are able to post short articles to the site and later write for the the newsletter. Also, the membership fees provide prizes for high school essay contests, support book scholarships, and support the 2016 conference. Many thanks for your interest, Tarshia.

      2. Also, the levels of membership range in price for academic professionals to those who just love to read Butler’s work. The sliding scale helps to keep the memberships affordable for everyone. Professional memberships are for professors of any rank. Independent is for those who are not affiliated with an academic institution. Student memberships are for graduate and college students. The Lifetime membership is a one time only payment that makes you a life time member whatever your status. Many thanks, Tarshia

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